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You’re up.  I remember those two little words that my Dad spoke to me one Sunday afternoon.  He had been in the Extended Care facility for several weeks.  About six months after Mom went to be with Jesus, Dad’s health issues required more intensive care.  Joyce and I went to Tennessee to see him, before we were married.

A Christian service was hosted by the facility at 2 PM every Sunday afternoon with one Murfreesboro pastor, who always came.  Dad had mentioned on Saturday that he wanted to go, so we came to go with him.  There were about 25 patients and guests waiting in the meeting room for the service to begin.  By about 2:20 PM, it became apparent that the pastor had run into some problems and would not come.

“You’re up.”  With those two words, Dad told me what he expected.  It certainly was not what I had expected.  I took a few minutes to pray and ask God to give me what I should say.  Do you think that I recall that scripture and the message topic?  Of course, certainly, I do.

Matthew 15:11 — Not that which goes into the mouth defiles a man; but that which comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.

Our heart leaks out our mouth.  That was my impromptu message topic,  Jesus’ profound truth is that our words reflect the condition of our heart.  Even further, our beliefs leak out our lives.  What we really, truly believe is reflected in what we do.  When we really believe that people go to Hell if they don’t know Jesus, we witness to them.  It isn’t about what we consider doing, but what we actually do.

My Dad is with our Lord now.  God blessed both my Dad and me that very memorably afternoon.  I later found out that the usual pastor had never missed presenting the Sunday service.  Wow.  Who can say how God works?  We must be ready to speak for Him at any time.

What does your Heavenly Father ask of you today?  Certainly, he’s asking for a deepening of your relationship with Him.   He’s asking you to know Him heart more.  What can he ask of you today?

“Say, Abba, Father, could we go fishing today?”

“Yes, my son, let’s go fishing.”

David  Fry

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