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We all have dreams.

Thoughts about who we are or want to be for God. We see ourselves doing things for God in the future, great things, that seem so far from what we are doing for God now. But we often wonder how we can get there; we wonder how those dreams could ever become reality.

Perhaps the way you begin to live out your God given dream is by becoming the person God desires you to be. It has been said that “it is not about how long it takes for the dream to come true, but rather how long it took to make the dreamer.” It is my hope that you will come to see that the dreams that God gives you are His still, small voice speaking into your heart saying “There's more to you than you know; there is more available to you than you can imagine; there's an extraordinary life waiting for you in My call to faith.”

Are you paralyzed because you don't really believe God made you extraordinary and has planned a future for you worth getting out of bed for? Maybe your life is hard; impossible; or even a nightmare. Maybe it’s just tangled up in life’s daily routines. Or maybe you’re just lost in the fantasy of what could be: it doesn’t matter. As broken, damaged, and messed up as you may be, God sees extraordinary possibilities in you.

He'd love to be able to bring his dreams for your life to reality; dreams He has given you a glimpse of, if only you would follow Him. 

You see, a dream needs a person to bring it to life. 

What kind of person do you need to become for your dream to come to life? Come join us at Lighthouse and watch as dreams come to life, and then watch in wonder as God brings you to a place where your dreams become so much more than just hopes you carry inside.

Come dream with us!

Brother Mark

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