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"Am I prepared for the future I am to walk in? Am I saying no to the things that maybe give me temporary pleasure...not bad things, not destructive things, but just things that take me off the primary course in helping me to become the person God desires me to become?" – excerpted from Wide Awake, Erwin McManus


You hear a lot about the dumbing down of America. How people and our culture are actually growing dumber not smarter. Funny thing is that recent studies say the American IQ is actually going up! So excerpted from Wide Awake, Erwin McManus what's with this idea that we are getting dumber? Well the answer might lie in the fact that we as people have a huge array of opportunities, but our productivity is lagging. That means our capabilities are diminishing. There also seems to be the belief that if you can't multitask that somehow you must be inadequate; and if you’re inadequate? Then, dumber. 


In truth we are faster, stronger, smarter, have a wealth of information at our fingertips; have an overabundance of opportunities; but it seems we do lack something very important: the discipline to turn all that potential into productivity. And God takes great joy when his people are productive. He designed us to be productive people. 


God expects us to be awake and ready, as we see in the Ten Bridesmaids. One can't be a light if one doesn’t have any oil for one’s lamp. God holds us accountable to do what we are supposed to do. And it takes discipline to become the people he created us to be. If your waiting for an angel to come fling magic dust on you; or whap you in the head with some wand; and suddenly make you everything He intended you to be… I have bad news for you: I've done it and it does not work! 


Your success comes from the commitment and foresight to prepare. And you can start now—even if you haven't started up until now! God will be there to provide the power, to usher you into the “good works” He has prepared for you to take you to victory! He will cherish the moment he finds you with your lamp full of oil. 


Ask yourself, "What does God expect of me? Do I have my own oil? What must I bring for my lamp—my life—to burn brightly? What choices do I need to make today to get there tomorrow?” 


Join us at Lighthouse as we learn to make those choices and watch our lives become burning flames on a hill that catches the eye of God, which sweeps across all His creation, letting Him know we are waiting and prepared to be a light to the world! 


Brother Mark

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