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Isaiah 64.1 — If only you would tear open the heavens and come down, so that the mountains would quake at your presence…

Micah 4.2 — Many nations will approach and say, 'Come, let's go up to the mountain of the LORD, and to the Temple of the God of Jacob…


There’s always two sides to the Word of God. That’s why it’s called a “double-edged sword” in the scriptures. One side is for the hearers, and the other side is for the Lord’s messenger—this way no one is left out. 

The prophets of the Old Testament were regularly calling on the Lord to intervene in the affairs of men on earth. They were heavily burdened by the destruction caused by sin and those who rejected God’s kingdom purpose. Their cries for God to lower Himself to our level and get involved was a regular part of their message. 

But then, a different cry would rise once God had acted. Now, they saw into the future a time when God’s people would not wait for God to descend, but would themselves ascend to meet Him on the mountain—just as Moses did. 

This picture of man ascending heights and climbing up in order to connect with God isn’t new. It’s as old as the Tower of Babel, where men tried to build a “stairway to heaven.”  But such a portal can’t break from the natural realm; it is limited, earthly. It’s the reason God commanded that there would be no steps allowed on any altar made by His people. (Ex. 20.26)

Besides, God already has a ladder, and Jacob saw it! When he placed his head on the “rock” and went to sleep, the Lord showed the “way” up.  

This is the picture I want us to have today. Let’s go up to the mountain of the Lord together! Let’s seek His face; let’s turn to His ways; let’s walk in His paths. The results will be nothing short of miraculous! 

Come, and Let us Go Up! 

Pastor Steve 

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