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Job 1:21 – “...The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord”


When we look at the story of Job, we see a man who lived righteously. He turned away from evil and always did the right thing. He was very blessed, he had wealth, health and a large family but his life suddenly changed. Job lost EVERYTHING!! All of his children died, he lost his livestock, every earthly possession, he became ill, even his own wife told him to “curse God and die.” Three of his friends came alongside him in efforts to “comfort” him, at which they completely failed.


We see him crying out to God through his suffering. None of this made sense! Job lived a righteous life. Not the kind of life where a normal person looks at themselves and claims to be a “good person,” but the sort of life where God Himself looks down and literally says, Job is a “BLAMELESS and UPRIGHT man.” 


As the scripture reveals, God was bragging about Job because he was righteous. Satan argued that Job’s devotion was due to the fact his life was so blessed, that Job would curse God if he were to suffer. Satan threw all he could at Job. Job’s response proved to Satan and us that his eyes were set on God. His faith and trust in the Lord was UNSHAKABLE. “Through all this Job did not sin nor did he blame God” (Job 1:22). Job knew that God’s worthiness, His holiness and His authority are not dependent on our circumstances. At the end of the book, Job’s fortune is restored and is even more abundant than before. 


Our perspective is often inaccurate. When we go through suffering, we sometimes think God is trying to kill us, or make us miserable. The truth is God uses suffering to refine us so we can bring Him glory. He wants to partner with us. He desires to enable us to stand against the enemy and crush Satan under our feet (Rom 16:20). It is the Lord's heart that we conquer as Jesus conquered. For this to happen, we must stop looking in the natural and chose see in the Spirit. We may not be able to have foreknowledge of our trials, but with our eyes are focused on God and our hearts seeking a heavenly perspective, we will triumph!


Your sister in Christ Jesus,
Rita Dudy

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