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John 1:1-3 -- In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God…


Christmas is about love.  Growing up in mainstream evangelical tradition, Christmas for me was attached to the season of Advent.  Advent is the four weeks of waiting before Christmas where the story of Christ’s birth in the Gospels is contemplated in pieces and solemnly read aloud.  Each week we looked forward to lighting the candles, first one, then two, until on Christmas Eve all four were burning in the wreath and we lit the center one celebrating the Birth of Jesus, the Light of the World. 


Unlike many people, I grew up knowing the whole story.  Contemplating as a teenager, would I have said ‘yes’ to the Lord like Mary did if I wasn’t married? I admired Joseph’s obedience and kindness. I wondered what was it like for the shepherds, hanging out on the hills and suddenly seeing not one but hosts of heavenly angels. Thinking about how the story of that visitation would be passed around – “Dad tell me about the night the angels appeared again…”


I marveled that wise men, who planned an exceedingly long journey based on an astrological phenomenon, came and laid treasure at the feet of a child. These men recognized Christ the King when others did not.  They thwarted the directions of an evil king and quietly escaped. The Christmas story begins and ends with angelic visitation and then a hurried flight to a foreign country. If you really consider all the parts and the implications of what the text is saying, the birth of Jesus is quite a tale. 


At Lighthouse, we teach that our Christian life experience should be just as miraculous. We should venture out on faith like the wise men, believe like the shepherds, and obey no matter what the cost, like Mary and Joseph. Open your heart to the love of Christmas and ask God to invade your life. Allow Him to override your plans and take you on an adventure greater than you can imagine.


In Christ’s Love, 
Don & Jodie Weaver

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