Fellowship Group Leaders

Fellowship groups provide a structure for building relationships where God can release spiritual covering, a friendly accountability, and a strong support system for our people. The concept of fellowship groups is Biblical and deeply spiritual. Our model for fellowship groups is the early Church, when the Disciples of Christ devoted themselves to fellowship and teaching.  (Acts 2:42-47)  Life transformation happens in the context of relationship.  As we turn our hearts to develop these very important ministry relationships, we know that many lives will be changed for God’s glory.  

Your role will be to provide a time where people can Connect, receive Care, Grow in faith, and Serve one another. Each leader will need to invite people to their group both inside and outside of the church.

Each application will be reviewed by the pastoral staff and you will be contacted with more information soon.

We are so excited to join our hearts to this ministry and see what God will do!

Group Leader Application

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