Journey Study Groups: Small Group Bible studies for Women

Journey Study Groups: 2Pet 3:18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We know that reading the Bible is absolutely essential to grow in our relationship with God. Studying the Bible can be inspiring, empowering and life-changing. No matter where you are in your journey to knowing Jesus Christ, you can pick up a Bible and grow closer to him. Its all about knowing Christ and making him known.

We invite you to join like-minded women who have a desire to study the Bible to begin a journey through the word of God. You can sign up here to lead a group or join a group and get going in your journey to a deeper, closer relationship with God and with your sisters in Christ.

To get involved... Pick a book of the Bible you would like to study… then pick a way you want to study:

  • You can study directly from the Bible by reading and then discussing what you read with your friends
  • You can study a book of the Bible, work-book style by sharing your answers to questions to help understanding.
  • You can read a book on a Biblical topic together and discuss how to apply what you read to your life.

If you would like some recommendations, click on the link for Bible study book ideas. Journey Study Groups will run for 6 weeks beginning the week of August 29. If you would like to lead a Journey Study Group, APPLY BELOW. We will contact you with more information, once you fill out the Group Leader Form.

*To be a leader, you must sign up by August 14!

Registration for joining a Journey Study Group is coming soon!


Group Leader Application

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