Men's Reading Groups

Attend as many groups as you wish. Registration to attend a group closes after week 3.

Book Study: Bait of Satan

Leader: Tim Bonnington
Book: Bait of Satan by John Bevere
Venue: The Dome, Sonoma
Day & Time: Thursdays @7pm

Book Study: The Barbarian Way

Leader: Anthony Braschler
Book: The Barbarian Way by Erwin Raphael McManus
Venue: Northbay Campus, Kids Building, Santa Rosa
Day & Time: Mondays @ 7pm

Book Study: The God Chasers

Leader: Steve Cavalli
Book: The God Chasers by Tommy Tenney
Venue: 435 Denton Way, Santa Rosa
Day & Time: Mondays @ 7:00pm

Book Study: Discipleship

Leader: Geoff Dugmore
Book: Discipleship by Bill Hull
Venue: Main Campus, Conference Room, Sonoma
Day & Time: Thursdays @ 7pm

Book Study: The Christian Person

Leader: Sebastian Hernandez
Book: The Christian Person by Steven Reyes
Venue: The Dome, Sonoma
Day & Time: Mondays @ 7pm

Book Study: Who Jesus Is

Leader: Jason Kelley
Book: Who Jesus Is by Steven Reyes
Venue: Northbay Campus, Foyer, Santa Rosa
Day & Time: Mondays @ 6pm

Bible Study: The Prophets

Leader: Barry Kelly
Bible: Various Prophets
Venue: Main Campus, Sonoma - Conference Room
Day & Time: Thursdays @ 7pm

Book Study: Ephesians

Leader: TJ Learned
Book: Ephesians by John Stott
Venue: Northbay Campus, Santa Rosa
Day & Time: Thurs 6pm

Bible Study: Psalm 19

Leader: Mark Myers
Bible: Psalm 19
Venue: Northbay Campus, Sanctuary, Santa Rosa
Day & Time: Mondays @ 7pm

Book Study: Who Jesus Is

Leader: Josiah Olhava
Book: Who Jesus Is by Steven Reyes
Venue: Olhava House, Sonoma
Day & Time: Mondays @ 7pm

Book Study: The God Guarantee

Leader: Jordon Richard
Book: The God Guarantee by Jack Alexander
Venue: 528 Hawk Dr, Petaluma
Day & Time: Mondays @ 1:30pm

Bible Study: Mark

Leader: Daniel Ridings
Bible: Gospel of Mark
Venue: 17888 Orchard Ave, Guerneville
Day & Time: Fridays @ 7pm