Membership Information


a Fellowship of Committed Christian Friends


Christian fellowship means:

  • A unique relationship based on  
  • Something bigger than each  
  • Called out of individuality to 
  • Accomplish more than any of us could independently


Christian commitment means: 

  • Loyal to Truth 
  • Loyalty to one another 
  • Faithfulness to Jesus' call 
  • Solutions attitude: forgiveness


Christian means: 

  • Bearing His Name
  • Ambassadors of His kingdom
  • Christ-like in character, desires, and behavior 


Friends means: 

  • Personal v. Organizational 
  • A love (chosen) relationship
  • Privileged access
  • Joy & Refreshing
  • Willingness to sacrifice
  • Approachable for correction


  • RECOVER = Go where the lost are and retrieve them 
  • RESTORE = Rebuild lives through Christian ministry 
  • RELEASE = Encourage models of Biblical ministry that are reproduced in others 


  • We are united by the command of Our Lord Jesus Christ to...
  • ...go into all the World and demonstrate the Gospel of His Kingdom...
  • anyone and everyone through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Vision (ministry focus)

  • The recovery, restoration & release of the whole Person
  • To build strong Families
  • To bring spiritual revival to the Sonoma Valley
  • To support and extend His Kingdom in the world

Covenant (members) 

  • Believe - confession unto salvation 
  • Baptism - in water; in Holy spirit 
  • Bible - devotion to God?s word 
  • Prayer - discipleship obedience
  • Give - tithe, offering, & alms 
  • Worship - attend the assembly
  • Witness - share your testimony
  • Serve - commit to support my church
  • Resolve - grant forgiveness attitude
  • Home - maintain Christ-centered life

Core Values

  • Love God, family, and neighbor
  • Word of God: the BIBLE
  • Centrality of JESUS CHRIST
  • Honor His Name
  • Worship in Spirit and Truth
  • Faith for the supernatural
  • Prayer and Intercession
  • Church of His Presence
  • Unity in the Body of Christ
  • Forgiveness
  • Love for people
  • Holiness: Christ-likeness
  • Taking the Gospel to the lost
  • Equipping and sending believers