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Santa Rosa - Sonoma - Guerneville

Fellowship Groups begin the week of April 16th

Fellowship Groups in Santa Rosa

Cavalli's Bible Study

Cultivating community and relationships.  Our group will start with a pot luck dinner, then proceed to the living room for worship, fellowship, and Bible Study where indicated.  Meeting day to be determined by the group needs.

Leader: Steve & Debbie Cavalli (707)490-2141
Venue: 435 Denton Way, Santa Rosa
Day & Time: Fridays @ 6pm

Walking, Talking, and Praying with Jesus

This is a women's group.  We will try to walk 2 to 3 miles.....usually around Spring Lake, Santa Rosa, but also walk other trails while praying for our families, churches, city, and nation.

Leader: Debbie Cavalli (707)318-3302
Venue: 435 Denton Way, Santa Rosa
Day & Time: Mondays @ 10:30am

Bible Study: Family Night in the Word

This family oriented group provides a place to come and be replenished in the word and have fun. Kids are welcome to watch a movie and play in the nearby room while we meet for dessert, fellowship, and a Bible Study.

Leader: Beth Goodman (707) 933-7459
Venue: 2031 Rivera Drive, Santa Rosa
Day & Time: Fridays @ 7pm

Bible Study: Men’s Discipleship Study

The purpose of this group is to further men in their journey of discipleship and deepen their understanding of God,

Leader: Mark Myers (707) 710-5390
Venue: Northbay Campus, Santa Rosa
Day & Time: Tuesdays @ 7pm

Women’s Prayer and Potluck

*Monthly starting April 22
Gathering place for prayer to encourage believers, build faith,  invite others who need hope to experience the presence of God and  know Jesus. 

Leader: Diane Petersen (415) 612-0014
Venue: 1844 Palisades Dr, Santa Rosa
Day & Time: Saturdays @ 6pm

Bible Study: The Romans Road

In this bible study we will come to each class having read the assigned chapters ahead of each week and ready to discuss what the Holy Spirit has allowed us to discern out of the instrumental book of Romans. Join us as we dive deeper into this precious portion of scripture and allow God to grow us and shape us more into the likeness of His image! 

Leader: Hernandez's & Kelley's (707) 933-7742
Venue: 356 Denton Way, Santa Rosa
Day & Time: Mondays @ 7pm

Fellowship Groups in Sonoma

Weekly Message Study & Application

Group will be open to all but specifically a place for families to bring their kids to play while the adults discuss and apply the weekly message to our daily lives. We plan on having some kind of food and snacks, may be potluck not sure.  

Leader: Doug & Julia Penfield (707)210-4586
Venue: 208 Todd Ave, Sonoma
Day & Time: Thursdays @ 6pm


Beginner and Intermediate recreational games. A great time to bring together those in the church and those unchurched to engage in fun healthy recreation and build friendships. I have a couple of extra pickle ball paddles to share with those wanting to try out the sport.
*Please contact Rani each week to let her know you're coming.

Leader: Rani Guram (970)708-9447
Venue: Larson Park, Sonoma
Day & Time: Sundays @ 5pm intermediate play, and 6pm beginners

Church Work & Fellowship

Church yard fellowship! Let's meet up to get some work done and take care of the resources we have been given. 

Leader: David Bachelder (707)246-2623
Venue: Main Campus, Sonoma
Day & Time: Saturdays @ 9am

Bible Study: Acts 29 Men's Discipleship

Discupleship group for men.

Leader: John Todd (415)940-0814
Venue: Main Campus, Sonoma (upstairs)
Day & Time: Mondays @ 6:30pm

Women Walking Up

Women!  Put on your hiking shoes & lets go up! We'll be exploring 8 different walking/hiking trails in the Sonoma area & sharing about what the Bible shows us about walking with the Lord. (walking levels will vary from easy to moderate)

Leader: Sharon Bonnington (707)292-8908
Venue: Various Trails in Sonoma
Day & Time: Saturdays @ 7:30am

Weekend Warriors

All ages and fitness levels welcomed! Join us for a quick group workout, followed by a Post-Workout Potluck Brunch Bible Study! During brunch we will discuss the different aspects of being a vessel of God and what it means to be a living sacrifice. 

Leader: Liccet Braschler (707)210-5147
Venue: 909 Oak St, Sonoma
Day & Time: Saturdays @ 10:30am

Bible Study: 1 Thessalonians

This group will study Church planting and pastoral care in the book of 1 Thessalonians.

Leader: Tim Bonnington (707) 933-7459
Venue: 17940 Los Banos Drive, Sonoma
Day & Time: Fridays @ 6:45pm

Bible Study: That you may believe - Isaiah 43

The purpose of our reading group is to instill joy and confidence in reading the prophetic scriptures and realize God’s desire for us to grow continually in his word…..individual sharing and discussion will be an important part of our group. Each session will be based on a portion of Isaiah 43 and center around verse 10-11…….. “that you may know and believe”

Leader: Barry Kelly (707) 696-7714
Venue: Main Campus, Sonoma
Day & Time: Thursdays @ 7pm

Bible Study: Colossians

We will gather with our kids for an hour of Bible Study for adults and supervised fun for kids. The book of Colossians is about who Christ is and who we are in Him. We will do 1/2 a chapter a week and have fellowship over a light dinner. 

Leader: Jodie Weaver (707) 766-4686
Venue: 18773 Gillman Dr, Sonoma 
Day & Time: Mondays @ 6pm

Book Study: Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

Join us for this women's book study group; "Finding Intimacy with God in the busyness of life."  Let’s get to know Jesus and the fellowship of The Holy Spirit together. 

Leader: Debi McCracken (707) 849-4512
Venue: 18014 Stanford Ct, Sonoma
Day & Time: Mondays @ 5:30pm

Book Study: The Three Battlegrounds

This book, "The Three Battlegrounds" explores the three arenas of spiritual warfare that the maturing Christian will face: the mind, the church and the heavenly places. It provides a foundation of insight, wisdom and discernment on the nature of the battle and the KEYS TO VICTORY. A 'must read' to approaching and achieving AGREEMENT with God and the body of Christ this coming season.

Leader: Beverly Kleven & Sandi Miller (707) 637-7280
Venue: 64 Ramon St, Sonoma
Day & Time: Mondays @ 6:30pm

Girl's Night In

Join us weekly for a girls night in where we will be giving tips and tricks on how to have fun with your girls on a budget! We will do something fun each week such as cooking, baking, spa nights, coffee nights and of course GIRL CHATS! *Contact leaders for full schedule.

Leader: Nhi Duong & Vanessa Aldana (415)320-0823
Venue: 515 San Ramon Dr, Sonoma
Day & Time: April 20th @ 6pm and then varies from week to week

Boys to Men

*Contact leaders for full schedule.

Leader: John Duong & Walter Aldana (415)686-1596
Venue: 658 Walnut Ave, Sonoma
Day & Time: April 20th @ 6pm and then varies from week to week

Fellowship Groups in Guerneville

Hiking Fellowship

Fellowship  and exercise  in God's  Creation 

Leader: John Markham (707)494-8630
Venue: River Campus & various trails from there
Day & Time: Saturdays @ 9am

Bible Study: Proverbs 31 Woman

To get a biblical understanding of what the bible means to be a woman of Valor, to understand our duties and how it all fits into society today as a christian.

Leader: Brandy Wilson (707)604-7806
Venue: TBD
Day & Time: Thursdays @ 6pm

Bible Study: The Gospel of Mark, Part 2

We will continue our journey through the book of Mark, starting in chapter 7, with the goal of completing it during this eight-week session.

Leader: Daniel Ridings (510) 396-5961
Venue: 17888 Orchard Ave., Guerneville
Day & Time: Fridays @ 6pm