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Matthew 10:38 — And he that does not take his cross and follow after me, is not worthy of me.

Lordship salvation.  For over 25 years, there has been an ongoing disagreement in Christianity over this concept.   Can Jesus be our Savior, but not be our Lord?  Can we trust Him for salvation, but then not submit everything to Him as Lord of our lives?

We can be saved before understanding everything our decision implied.  It is, in fact, the way that it works.  Did you understand all of the implications that getting married or having children would entail before doing either of those things?  Being Jesus’ bride is the same.

God saves us when we come to Him, confess our sins and turn from them.  Salvation can happen in an instant.  But just as being filled with the Holy Spirit is an ongoing process, sanctification is a process as well.  As He renews our minds, the Holy Spirit gives us the desire to make Jesus the Lord of our lives as well.  That is sanctification.

God knows our every thought and desire.  He knows who wants Him now and who doesn't.  He knows who will want Him in the future and who won't.  We can have as much of Him as we desire, including His righteousness.  If we don't want Him, well, we're left to fend for our-selves with our own righteousness.  That choice should be obvious.

Sin is not wanting Him more than anyone or anything else, which, specifically, includes ourselves and our desires.  Of course, we get distracted as we live our lives; we lose focus on Him.  He steadily teaches us how to do that less and focus on Him and His wishes more.  When we are His, He continually brings our focus back to Himself.  It's an ongoing daily, even hourly, process of sanctification.

Although we can initially accept Him as our Savior, to mature as Christians, we must also ask Him to be Lord over every aspect of our lives.  When we let Him, He continually brings us to a new place in Him and in His plan for us.  Not trusting that His plan is best for our lives is sin.  We might not know what His plan is in any particular situation, but we don't have to know since He does.   As we ask, trust and respond to Him, we very gladly come to Lordship Salvation.

David  Fry


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