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There's Something About Grace

Psalm 5.12 — For thou, LORD, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield.

One of the most remarkable things about our experience with God is that we can experience His favor towards us. So many people think that they’re overlooked, and undervalued. But God has His eyes on you, and you’re an object of His favor! Consider these three things today, and let it bless you. 

First, God's favor searches out those whose heart is towards Him. Let's face it: not everybody wants God; but some of us do! And the best part about God's favor is how He uses it to find those of us that want Him in our lives. Sure, there's a lot of distractions and other stuff in this life, but God is looking for those whose heart is toward them;
who want His presence in their experience. When you seek God like that, He "shows you His favor" and picks you out of a crowd -- just like He chose David out from among His brethren. No one else may notice you; but God sees you, and wants the chance to show you His favor. 

God's favor opens doors of opportunity. Esther had to put her life on the line. God's favor had initially put her in a place she could never had worked to attain herself. But because God's favor works according to His purpose, when she went in to the King, he preferred her above all others. This distinction put her in a unique place of opportunity, where she could ask the King for his favor. When he asked her what she wanted, this position of favor exposed the enemy's plot to destroy the Jews, and spared all their lives.

God's favor overcomes the disfavor of people against you. Once God's favor is shown towards you, you become a target. And it seems like this is the case more than ever in our day. But God does not leave us there. David understood this role of favor in his life when he was running from Saul in the wilderness, and found the Lord to be his shield, time after time. Saul finally gave up, and ended up running for his life, and David took the throne in his place -- all because of God's favor.

Let His favor be your shield today!

Pastors Steve & Deena

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