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Philippians 4:19 — But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Christianity is so simple.  There are times when it isn’t so easy.  It is so simple that little children often grasp it better we adults do.  He will supply all of our needs.  His promise.  The idea of trusting Him for everything is simple, but often we try to rely on our own strength or attempt to take control back from Him.  But even in that, Jesus is so patient and teaches us how to trust Him more every day.  His supply.

Believe.  Trust.  Obey.  Forgive.  Love.  Actually, our children are being taught in both Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, “obey first time.”  That is such an essential concept for us to embrace as well.  We can only grow in faith and advance in the Kingdom of God when we yield and obey The King.  God gives us more faith as we obey Him.

We don’t have to read the Bible,  We get to read our Bible and come to understand His promises, instructions and blessings for those who love Him and respond according to His purposes.  We get to hear His words for how to live our lives.  When we read the Bible, it reads us.

We don’t have to pray.  We get to pray.  It is such a blessing to have an interactive conversation with the living God!  When we ask Him to put the desire of His heart in our heart, He does just that!  He gives us everything we want because He changes what we want.

We don’t have to serve.  We get to serve.  He designed it so that we are blessed as we interact both with Him and with other people.  He instructed us to make disciples, to teach them His ways.  We get to participate in His plan of salvation, both for us and for other people.

We don’t have to give.  We get to give, of our finances, of our time, of our resources and especially of our lives.  We get to give ourselves away to others!  For those who have experienced leading someone to The Lord, it is a joy that really is very hard to express in words.

There is an old hymn which says, “I have found a friend who is all complete, who supplies my every need.  While I sit and learn at Jesus feet, I am free, yes, free, indeed!”  Go, this week and be free.  Go, this week and free someone else, in Jesus name!  Supply their need!

David  Fry

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